H&M Plating, INC.
Electroplated Hard Chrome & Sulfamate Nickel Plating

* Hard chrome plating - (approximately 65-70 RC.) has an outstanding history of providing corrosion resistance, increase wear, reduce the coefficient of friction, and provide greater lubricity hence allowing for superior release in mold applications. In short, hard chrome will improve the efficiency and increase the life of the plated part. The process incorporates conforming anodes and rectification in our monitored plating baths designed to provide superior chrome deposits automatically bonded to the plated surface. Chrome plating can be successfully applied to most metal surfaces.

Flash chrome - (.0002" - .0005" thickness) can be performed to meet your specifications and requires no machine grinding upon completion.

Build-up chrome - (.0006" - .020" thickness and up) can be performed to meet your specifications, and machine ground to conform to your tolerances. The final machine polish can reflect industry standards or be customized for your particular design (matte finish or mirror reflective finishes available).
  • Maximum cylindrical capacity = 30" diameter w/ a 260" length
  • Maximum cylindrical capacity = 44" diameter w/ a 168" length
  • Maximum cylindrical weight = 8000 lbs
* In addition to standard finishes, H&M Plating Co. has "in house" Super Finishing machines offering 2-4 rms mirror finishes with up to 20" diameter X 240" between centers capabilities.

Sulfamate Nickel - can be applied to various thickness' to meet your specifications. This process is generally utilized to protect the base metal from corrosion, and is utilized as an undercoating prior to incorporating a chrome finish.
  • Maximum cylindrical capacity = 12" diameter w/ a 72" length
  • Maximum cylindrical weight = 4000 lbs