H&M Plating, INC.
Thermal Spray

* H&M Plating Co. has expanded our services to include thermal spray coatings. High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coatings include Inconel’s, hastelloy alloys, stainless steels, chromium carbides as well as varying chemistries of tungsten carbide overlays. Tough and durable tungsten carbide weld overlays are available as welded and finish ground specifications. Plasma spray and Electric Wire Arc coatings are also available. This process includes ceramics, bronze alloys, noble metals, abradables and an extensive list of other materials. The above processes offer superior bond strengths, high density and hardness properties to various machined components.

Our spray facility offers the following coating systems:
  • HVOF-Jet Kote
  • HVOF-JP 5000
  • Plasma Spray
  • Electric Wire Arc
  • Robotics
* The above coating systems are supported with in-house OD/ID grinding, honing and super-finishing machines that allow us to produce mirror finishes to 2 RMS.

Our HVOF systems are supported by a dedicated and experienced team, please contact us with any application questions you may have.